Who We Are

Message from the CEO

My service to WKRBC is not just a career; it is a mission. This mission has been part of my life since 1981 and has made me a better person.

Over the years, I have developed a passion for our donors as well as our staff. Through them and the examples they exhibit in everyday life, I have been able to see the best of individuals in many of life’s most difficult circumstances. They inspire me to always seek what is the best for my community. I have learned to live each day as a thank you for what I have been given.

Janet Howard,
Chief Executive Officer

Our People:

Medical Director

Brian Ward, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Janet Howard, MT (ASCP) SBB

Administrative Staff

Sharon Embry
Office Manager

Julie K. Hagan, BS
Administrative Assistant

Donor Recruitment/Public Relations

Vicki S. Ellis, MPA
Director, Donor Resources/Recruitment (Daviess, Ohio, McLean, Hancock, and Breckinridge Counties)

Robbin Shively
Recruiter (Christian, Caldwell, and Crittenden Counties)

Laboratory Staff

  • Debbie Roberts, MT (ASCP) SBB
    Director of Laboratory Services
  • Marianne Jones, MT (ASCP)
  • Amy Knott, MLT (ASCP)
  • Mary Payne, MLT (ASCP)
  • Kim Huckleberry, AA
    Laboratory Assistant
  • Shawna Poole
    Laboratory Assistant
  • Devin Ford
    Laboratory Assistant

Collection Staff

  • Sandra Worman, MT (ASCP)
    Director of Donor Services
  • Bobbie Burden, PT*, (AABB), MOA
  • Janet Aud, PT*, (AABB)
  • Janie Fenwick, PT*, (AABB)
  • Peggy Jones, PT*, (AABB)
  • Kelly Allen, MAC, PT*
  • Christal Grace, PT*, MOA
  • Kathy Johansen, PT*, MOA
  • Porshia Sheppard PT*
  • Jennifer Masterson*
  • Martha Ann Campbell, PT*, (AABB)
  • Cindy Joiner, PT*, (AABB)
  • Angela Grey, PT*
  • Deneshia Hoover

* Staff Phlebotomist