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The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center was founded on the belief that Western Kentuckians should have a dedicated source for their blood needs.  Since its inception in 1978 WKRBC has successfully executed its mission:

To provide the much needed and most safe blood products and related services to our region. Our Primary concern is keeping abreast of all clinical developments in order to achieve the greatest degree of protection to both donor and patient. In order for our center to successfully execute our mission, we constantly strive for community awareness, trust, and participation. Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center staff, as a group as well as individuals, respond to each donor and each patient need with utmost regard.

Did you know WKRBC is a not-for-profit?

WKRBC has operated independently for the past 41 years, free of fundraising, although reliant on grants when necessary. It has always been our philosophy to seek support in the form of blood donation and opportunities, however; a serious need for updated equipment requires an immediate remedy.  For the first time we must rely on the generosity of the communities we serve if we are to continue to provide uninterrupted service.  This generosity includes financial support, voluntarily donating blood, coordinating a blood drive or hosting a fundraiser.

You can make a financial contribution to support the purchase of a new 5 bed bloodmobile.

You can make a financial contribution to support the purchase of a new transport vehicle.

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