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Individual Blood Program

By donating only twice a year, the donor acquires blood coverage for himself and his family. Family members include; a spouse, children under the age of eighteen (18), parents and parents-in-law. Once a donor has given eight units of blood, the individual acquires blood coverage for life. If the individual needs to use blood credits, he or she should notify the Blood Center and supply the following information; name of donor, date/location of last donation, first, middle, and last name of patient, relation of patient to donor (if applicable), and name and location of hospital.

Blood Replacement Program

Even though your Blood Center is a not-for-profit organization, there are charges for blood. Every unit of blood donated must undergo a variety of tests. The phlebotomists and laboratory technologists must be trained and licensed in order to draw and test the blood collected. The most up-to-date products, supplies, and equipment must be used for testing and drawing blood.

Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center receives no outside funding. Therefore it is necessary for the Blood Center to place charges on the blood products. As a special service to our donors, the Blood Center has developed a replacement blood program giving patients/donors the opportunity to replace blood used by their loved one. By donating the blood used it replenishes our supply and creates a $10.00 refund to the patient per unit replaced. For example: John used 4 units of blood, John asked 4 friends to replace the blood he used by donating, John ‘s friends donate, and John receives a reimbursement from WKRBC in the amount of $40.00.

Blood Needs

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