Host a Blood Drive

Why should my organization sponsor a blood drive?

Sponsoring a blood drive is an easy way to give members of your organization a chance to give a gift to their community as precious as life itself. It costs nothing but a little time and a Blood Center representative will be available to help you in every way possible. You will feel great knowing you are helping hospital patients regain their health.

Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center requires more than 15,000 donors per year in order to supply the blood needs of our local hospitals. Every donation is extremely important to the community and most certainly needed.

How do I organize a blood donor program?

  1. Select a group chairperson.
    This person will act as a contact between the Blood Center and your organization.
  2. Contact your Blood Center representative.
    The Blood Center staff will work with your organization in selecting a process for recruiting and scheduling your donors in a manner that best suits your organization. The Blood Center will provide the information and recruiting materials needed to produce a successful blood drive. Speakers, posters, schedules, and pledge cards, and other materials are available to get your program started successfully.
  3. Learn more.
    For more information, please refer to our information on Hosting a Blood Drive. (link to Host a Blood Drive)

Blood Needs

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