Sponsor a Blood Drive


  1. Coordinate  and schedule date(s)/time(s) convenient for your employees or members of business/church/facility with a WKRBC Donor Recruiter.
  2. Pledge cards and schedules are available for donors to sign-up in advance of the drive.
  3. Posters showing date, time and location of the blood drive are available for display at your facility.
  4. Time involvement per donor is approximately 40 minutes, including:  blood pressure, pulse, temperature, hematocrit level, and medical history is reviewed. Actual donation: averages 5-10 minutes. Total time: approximately 40 minutes. All donors are provided with refreshments.
  5. There is no FEE to schedule a blood drive with WKRBC, however; we respectfully request a minimum of 20-25 committed donors as less would not be cost effective.
  6. Groups with fewer donors are invited to give in our Centers.

Location Requirements

Inside setup

  • Accommodates 4 – 8 donors every 30 minutes
  • 20′ X 24′ room
  • Two electrical outlets
  • Three tables
  • Fifteen chairs
  • Air conditioning/heat
  • Restroom facility access


  • Accommodates 5 donors every 30 minutes
  • Parking space 40 feet long and 10 feet wide

Blood Needs

We currently have an urgent need :

  • O Negative

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