Educational Programs

Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center’s educational program has a specific purpose:

  • To educate students on the need for volunteer blood donors
  • To eliminate fear of the donation process

The program, developed for students from elementary through high school, instructs our youth on the donation process and blood types as well as helps them differentiate between facts and myths. Students study the circulatory system, learn how different components of blood are essential to life and that volunteer blood donation is an important part of being a good citizen.

Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center’s multimedia program, “My Blood-Your Blood”, is playing to rave reviews from the students and teachers at area schools. It provides an up-to-the-minute primer on blood and circulation and fosters good citizenship and community spirit by encouraging blood donation. With blood donations decreasing and blood usage on the rise, we’re working hard to educate and inspire the next generation of blood donors. After an informative video, the students are introduced to the different blood products and encouraged to ask questions.

Our education program has accomplished the goals set thus far. Many students say they no longer fear blood donation and plan to become regular donors upon reaching 16 years of age. The next step is to bring this educational experience to a greater number of students in the Western Kentucky area. Donations must continue to increase and accommodate the advancing medical field and the increasing demand for blood products. By allowing our education program into your classroom, you play an important part in ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply for our community. We must educate for the future.

In 1996 the American Association of Blood Banks presented Beaver Dam Elementary School in Ohio County with the National Merit Award in the field of education. Beaver Dam Elementary School was nominated by Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center and was chosen from hundreds of entries across the United States.

Get Started

Teachers and Principals

  • Contact Vicki Ellis or Robbin Shively to schedule a presentation.
  • Chair a blood drive.
  • Encourage students and staff involvement in the blood drive.
  • Give Blood!


  • Distribute handouts to students and staff.
  • Host an open blood drive or Bloodmobile.
  • Schedule a presentation by WKRBC personnel.
  • Recognize participating students.

Other Suggestions

  • Visit My Blood, Your Blood.
  • Your students may want to use a presentation as a class report or science project.
  • Call WKRBC for additional information.

Blood Needs

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